Types Of Job Placements

* Temporary or contract:

you choose an R G Staffing employee on an interim basis. We payroll the employee (taking out all payroll taxes, matching taxes, etc) and you receive an invoice each week based upon the hours worked.

* Temp-to-perm or temp-to-hire:

You hire an R G Staffing employee and decide as they work if they are the right candidate for the job—if so, he or she becomes your permanent employee after an agreed upon period (usually 90 days). Again, we payroll the employee and you receive a bill weekly based upon the hours worked. During this time, you are not out the cost of benefits or risk unemployment claims and higher rates as you determine whether this person is going to work out for you.

* Direct hire or permanent:

Tell us what you’re looking for. We select candidates for interviews, and you hire the best one for an agreed upon one time placement fee.

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