Manufacturing Staffing

Manufacturing Staffing

RG Staffing is the premier Manufacturing staffing company providing pre-screened qualified employees to our clients in Lewisville, Carrollton, Dallas, Irving, Coppell, and Fort Worth. Best in Staffing Services. The Best Choice for You! As a manufacturer, your business is competitive and the landscape keeps changing. New orders and new accounts drive the need for new talent to promptly get a quality product out the door. Where do you turn?
Whether you’re looking for one machine operator or 50 assembly workers, RG Staffing can ramp up your productivity. Consider what we give you:

  • A large talent pool ready to be dispatched now
  • Temporary staffing prices that are at or below your internal labor costs
  • Experience filling high volume staffing needs (i.e., placing over 50 temporary employees with short lead time)
  • Expertise in meeting seasonal staffing needs
  • Employment Specialists who specialize in manufacturing placements
  • Operational insights with manufacturing companies in various areas, especially automotive, plastics, machinery and food industries
  • Bilingual staff that can effectively place employees that speak English or Spanish
  • A consultative approach that applies some of our proven staffing strategies to shape your own customized staffing plan

Our staffing model offers you the flexibility to increase or decrease temporary employees that coincide with the peaks and valleys of the manufacturing industry. No more worrying about complex regulations and delays when you need to immediately change staffing levels. We can assess your key criteria and connect you with the right internal RG Staffing resources.

Plus, with RG Staffing you’ll have a full-service human resource partner. By leveraging our HR capabilities, you’ll realize a lower cost-per-hire, reduced turnover and a long-term customized plan.

Transform your manufacturing hiring challenges into a competitive advantage. Contact us today.

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