How to Hire Employees for the First Time

Business owners who are ready to hire employees for the first time need to consider a few things before jumping in. Your main motive to hire employees is to increase productivity to grow your business; however, can you afford to pay an employee a full salary if that person isn’t capable of producing the manpower […]

Fact or Fiction: Uncovering the Truth About Job Placement Through a Staffing Service.

Congratulations! You are a college graduate! The world is your oyster! Oh wait, the job market stinks? You’re delivering pizzas and still living with your folks because the perfect job never fell into your lap? Why is that? The truth is, many degree-carrying job-seekers have been forced to take on jobs they didn’t dream of […]

Why Your Company Should Hire a Staffing Service

Businesses of all sizes could benefit from hiring a staffing service such as RG Staffing. Companies use temporary staffing employees hired via staffing services for a multitude of reasons.