Behold the Power of Networking

Today’s job market is not easy to break into, but there are more ways to tap resources than there used to be. As more and more people, and your mom, sign up for facebook, twitter, Linkedin, foursquare, Google+, measure their Klout, etc, the power of networking has never been stronger. People are connecting on multiple levels making it easier to uncover opportunities, many can be found right here at RG Staffing! Depending on how active you are amongst today’s fast-paced society of social media, you have an endless array of opportunities at your fingertips.

Make a statement.

Sometimes, it’s as easy as posting a status update, stating your needs, asking for help. Many people could respond, but sometimes simply being actively available on your chosen social media sites will help potential employers seeking out employees see just how awesome you are. Just be sure that if you are looking for opportunities, stay positive. No one wants to hire a Debbie-Downer. You don’t have to be Suzy-Sunshine 100% of the time; be yourself, and shine yourself in the brightest light possible.

Follow up.

This seems like an given, doesn’t it? As many of us check our email multiple times a day, from our computers, iPads, smart-phones, etc, we tend to take this level of communication for granted. For whatever reason, we wait to respond to an email, which could be a big mistake, or a lost opportunity. Take the time to respond to emails that are sent to you personally. These connections took the time to write you, so follow up as soon as you can. The days of seeming overly eager are gone. Aggressively following up could help distinguish you as a leader, and more of a prospect than the person who waits hours, or even days to follow up.

Give back.

Yes, you may need help finding work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be there for others. We all want to make money, but seek out ways to volunteer and help when you can. Sometimes, a simple volunteer assignment could lead you down avenues you wouldn’t knew existed otherwise. Reaching out never goes out of style.

Step away from your computer.

Sure, you could spruce up your resume, connect with many people via email, tweets & status updates, but don’t rule out the power of face-to-face encounters. As comfy-cozy as your computer can be, talking to someone in person can be much more powerful than typed text. If you uncover a social media meet-up in your neck of the woods, go! Find out about conferences or classes where you can learn more about your field while connecting with other businesses and prospects. Many conferences & classes can be written-off and/or paid for by companies, especially if they lead to the big break you were looking for.

Express gratitude.

Find ways to say thank you, even if it’s a simple email expressing your appreciation. This will help solidify and maintain the connection you made. We’re all busy, but taking 5 minutes to say thank you will set you apart from the person that doesn’t.

Whether you utilize all of these ideas or not, you can be assured that your staffing needs are met at your personal staffing headquarters: RG Staffing. You can reach us in person at our office located at 1132 West Main Street in Lewisville, Texas or via phone at (972) 434-9626. Contact us today!

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