Fact or Fiction: Uncovering the Truth About Job Placement Through a Staffing Service.

Congratulations! You are a college graduate! The world is your oyster! Oh wait, the job market stinks? You’re delivering pizzas and still living with your folks because the perfect job never fell into your lap? Why is that? The truth is, many degree-carrying job-seekers have been forced to take on jobs they didn’t dream of doing when they entered into college 4-5 years ago. But if many of these college graduates looked into job placement through a staffing service, they would find many more job opportunities within their niche, or at least more closely related to it than a pizza delivery service.

Why don’t more college graduates and degree carrying job seekers use staffing services? Unfortunately, there are a few misguided assumptions job seekers have about utilizing a staffing service.

Fact or Fiction: All Staffing Service assignments only last a few weeks.

FICTION! Staffing service assignments can last anywhere from a couple days to several months. However, if you work hard and show the company what you can offer, there’s a very good chance you could be offered a full-time position. Working with a staffing company allows you many more opportunities to be exposed to a variety of companies & positions that you may not have known existed without the staffing service.

Fact or Fiction: Staffing Services only offer entry-level, administrative jobs.

FICTION! When staffing services were created, their focus may have been entry-level candidates, but that has changed dramatically. No longer are staffing services only looking for minimum-wage telephone operators. Today, staffing services can place employees into jobs that could lead them to high-level management opportunities. RG Staffing offers a variety of positions  from Welders to IT Specialists and so much in between.

Fact or Fiction: Temporary jobs aren’t exactly real jobs.

FICTION! Staffing services offer real jobs through companies who develop budgets to hire a number of full-time & temporary staff throughout the year in order handle the ebb & flow of their business. RG Staffing can help you find a temporary position that may just turn into a full-time position, giving you a prime opportunity to interview for the job you’ve already gotten familiar with.

Fact or Fiction: The only opportunities staffing services offer are low-paying jobs.

FICTION! Most jobs assignments staffing services offer commensurate with your experience. In some cases, these jobs may be entry-level, but the ball is then in your court. Like most entry-level jobs, whether they are through a staffing service or not, it is up to you to decide how to leverage the opportunity you are given so you can take your career to the next level.

Fact or Fiction: Staffing Services do not offer benefits.

FICTION! Many staffing services provide access to medical benefits, allowing employees to pay into a plan. Once you’ve accumulated an appropriate number of hours, you may be eligible for vacation, holiday & sick pay. A bonus benefit of working through a staffing service also include the opportunity for free skill training as well.

Fact or Fiction: Once I’m placed by a staffing service, I’m stuck in a position I loathe until the next job opportunity comes around.

FICTION! Using a staffing service can help you get your foot in the door of a company, but it can also help you filter through companies and/or managers you may not be compatible with. Staffing services give you the freedom to test the waters so you can confidently know exactly what position you want and who you want to work for, making your career-seeking goals much more obtainable.

RG Staffing has developed relationships with many companies in the DFW Metroplex, allowing you job-opportunities that aren’t advertised to the public. Hundreds of local companies rely on RG Staffing to place qualified candidates like you into those positions. If you are looking for short-term supplemental income or a new full-time career, RG Staffing can assist you in finding the right opportunity. Check out our current advertised job openings and apply online, give us a call at (972) 434-9626 or stop by our offices at 1132 West Main Street in Lewisville, TX to get set up with our staffing services today!

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