How To Know When To Hire Additional Staff

Whether you’re a small company with a only a handful of employees on staff or a large company where the staff outnumbers the managers 30:1, there are a number of reasons why you may be considering hiring help through a staffing service like RG Staffing. Determining whether or not you truly need to add employees onto your staff can be a challenge. Hiring in new staff and then not having enough work to go around the office can be financially devastating. However, you need to employ a sufficient staff in order to meet deadlines and keep employees working effectively.

So how do you find balance and know when you actually do need to hire in new employees onto your staff? Ask yourself the following questions to help you determine if your company is adequately staffed.

Are overtime costs going up?

If the people on your full-time staff are consistently working more than 40 hours/week, You may not have a large enough staff to handle your company’s needs.

Have you recently had to extend deadlines in order to meet commitments?
There may be a variety of circumstances for missing a deadline here or there, but many times, this issue can be resolved by hiring additional staff.

Are you behind on billing and suffering negative cash-flow because of it?
Simple, daily tasks like billing tend to get thrown on the back-burner when employees feel they have more important things to take care of. Unfortunately, negative cash-flow is something no company can afford.

Have you turned down opportunities because of you don’t know how your current staff could handle the additional responsibility?
Missing out on new opportunities could send your business into a downward spiral, affecting your competitive edge. Hiring additional staff could help you focus on future endeavors.

Are employees using their vacation time?

Some employees may feel the pressure of having to give up their vacations in order to keep up with the high demand of their workload. Coming back from vacation with twice as much work to catch up on is not an attractive perk for most employees.

Are employees complaining about working conditions?

Whether you hear a formal complaint from HR, or simply around the water-cooler, complaints about being overworked and underpaid might be attributed to an inadequate staff.

Are employees calling in sick more often?

Like the employee that isn’t taking vacations, the overworked staff may be trying to juggle way too much and showing physical signs of burning out. These employees may not verbally complain about the conditions, instead they keep it balled up inside, leading to mental & physical anguish. Your staff may to doing too much.

Is your increase in business permanent?

If your staff is feeling overwhelmed and organizational tasks are being compromised, but you are unsure if this high demand is a permanent fixture, consider using a staffing service in order to hire temporary additions to your staff. Staffing services like RG Staffing can effectively deliver the experienced talent you need to get important tasks done. If the increase in business ends up being permanent, you can also talk to RG Staffing about hiring the temporary staff into permanent employees.

If you answered yes to many of these questions, you may be looking to hire new employees to your staff. Which is fantastic because there are plenty of people looking for work, right? Just because there are a large number of candidates itching to be hired onto your staff doesn’t make your quest to hire any easier. If anything, it makes your job even tougher because you will have many more unqualified candidates applying that you must sort through before you can find that perfect addition to your staff. Hiring a staffing service like RG Staffing can solve this dilemma for you & your company. Simply fill out this Job Order Form, contact us today by phone at (972) 434-9626 or stop by our office located at 1132 West Main Street in Lewisville, Texas. We look forward to fulfilling all of your staffing service needs!

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