Why do companies use staffing?

Companies use staffing employees for three principal reasons: flexibility, easy access to talent and cost savings.

You’ll Profit From Work Force Flexibility
Whether it’s a temporary job lasting a few hours or several years—or a permanent job placement—RG Staffing allows businesses to adjust their work forces to meet their ever-changing needs.

You’ll Enjoy Access to First-Class Talent

You’ll Save Payroll Cost

You can place a classified ad and you may or may not find the right candidate

for the job. You will pay for the classified ad which can be up to $500 with

no guarantee of positive results.  By using R G Staffing, you only pay after

we have found a candidate you want to hire. In addition, RG Staffing can

serve as a recruitment pool for your permanent hiring.  In fact, eight in 10

business customers say that staffing companies are a good way to find

potential permanent employees—and research indicates that three out of

four customers rank the quality of the employees they get from staffing

firms as good as or better than their own employees.